Odeny Background

Odeny Online is a gothic 2D dungeon crawling ORPG (online role playing game) designed to bring this style of game back to the early 2000's. Many people have described our game like Pokemon meets early Runescape. Some think it has more Fate, or Titan Quest related origins.

Regardless of your stance on Odeny and this genre, we hope to create a community that enjoys the gameplay of delving deeper into chaotic dungeons. Enjoying a good tale under the skin of the game is also a must.

Development Team

Drayton | Director of Development

In Game Name: Malevolent | Email: [email protected]

Thanks for taking the time to read this information. I am Drayton, as my title suggests. Since I was young I have been working on countless game projects, websites, and other general media. This projects always kept me busy, but I hope to expand it in the near future. If you knew how many projects I have ever had, you would recognize that I am a bit of a busy bee. I am hoping to be able to provide quality support, community engagement, and active oversight of development. I oversee all Odeny operations and I also do a lot of back end development as compared to front end (such as mapping, although I do help anyways.) Please feel free to message me on the forum if you would like information, or just a friendly chat. I want to get to know my players and help improve your experiences.

Austin | Head of Content Development

In Game Name: Aradicate | Email: [email protected]

Hello, my name is Austin. All my life I have wanted to help create games and put my creative mind to use. My brain generates ideas like no tomorrow and pairing that with my slight OCD, I will be able to create immersive maps and help with the overall lore of the game. Drayton has been a good friend of mine since we were in elementary school together. I have taken various roles in his past projects over the years and I hope to see this one through until the end.

Brendon | Cross-Platform Support

In Game Name: Mask | Email: [email protected]

Hello! I'm known as Brendon, and I have been a proud friend of Austin and Drayton for years. Though new to the project, I am proud to take my love of tinkering with old hardware and applying it to this project! If you are using old hardware and software and you want to know exactly how it will run, let me know. I will be instructing and beta testing the software in a virtual machine for PowerPC, and WINE on linux based systems. I may even play with Windows 98 and older for fun. My schedule does get packed often, but that won't stop me from reading any concerns or questions that will surely be addressed. Thanks for reading, and have fun playing!

Alpha Testers

A special thanks to our alpha testers: Blake, Chance, John, and Zach.

Prologue: The Cleansing

Archmage Uzuthar gazed deeply into the fire with his single eye; his other eye being lost in the attack. He pondered for a length of time, planning his next move. The Cleansed were growing weaker with the Shade assaults. An ember leapt out of the flames and landed near his feet interrupting his concentration. Uzuthar stood up and brushed off his cloak. Although he did not like the outcome, he knew this could only end one way.

Uzuthar’s obsession with the realm of magic was born when his mother and sister died in a house fire. He blamed himself... He blamed himself for not being able to put out the fire, for not being able to carry his family out of the house despite only being a young boy. Days passed and all he did was weep, hoping his tears would put out the fires in his heart for not being strong enough. A man came out of the ash filled air and offered Uzuthar a hand. This man later became his mentor, Arbus, head of the local mage’s guild.

Arbus taught his students with passion, helping them refine their raw talents into something greater. He studied his pupils and noticed one that stood out among the rest. One who leapt past his peers in almost every way. Every flame he conjured was the warmest and every lightning bolt he evoked cracked through the skies. Uzuthar excelled at everything that was thrown at him. In a few months time, he was ready for sparring.

Once a mage learned the basics of spellcasting they were to fight in the arena against other wizards to gauge their powers. There was only one rule in the arena: no killing. After many brutal fights, Uzuthar was barely scathed. A few burns here and there, but nothing too damaging. His next opponent had arrived, a tall man with slicked back, long black hair. Every inch of his body was stained with ash and a deep gash marred the left side of his face. Instead of blood seeping from the gash, it was lava. This man was given the name Pyre. No one knew his true title at birth.

The gong rang, signalling the start of the fight. Pyre leapt into the air and immediately conjured several flaming orbs. The orbs hurled towards his opponent. Uzuthar whipped up a thick stone wall spell and the fire orbs detonated upon them, shaking the ground of the arena. He readied his counter attack, but his enemy was nowhere to be seen. A pillar of smoke appeared behind him and a flame lance pierced his abdomen. Looking down at the burning spear, he worked towards generating a healing water that would not only extinguish the spear, but heal the wound instantly. He noticed something and hesitated. He had seen the way the spear glowed before. The same flame that had taken away his mother and sister. It was no accident that they perished, Uzuthar knew that now. Instead of healing the wound, he pulled the spear the rest of the way through his stomach and added his own magic twist to it. He channeled every ounce of anger in his being into that one spear. A blinding light started appearing around the spear, illuminating everything in the arena, including the small smoke cloud a few meters to his right. He aimed the spear and let it fly. The blinding light increased exponentially and eventually everything turned to white.

Uzuthar awoke a week later, absolutely exhausted. He asked around town what had happened that night. Pyre had been reduced to a pile of ashes drifting gallantly in the wind. That spear had been the largest source of power to ever exist since the Hellions disappeared. In fact, there was so much power in the explosion, a small crater had opened up in the middle of the battleground. This crater revealed a tiny staircase that lead into the depths below. Nobody truly knew what was down inside it. Some adventurers had already packed their gear and started exploration. Uzuthar knew this would only bring about trouble. Rumors were beginning to spread that an ancient evil had been awakened. That evil was Dreadhallow.

Long ago, the Hellions ruled the realm, they wielded great powers, powers that would rival the Titans. They used this power to enslave humanity and used them to build the wonders of the world. One Hellion titled Pythos had used his slaves to create Dreadhallow, a gigantic, neverending dungeon. Pythos used this dungeon for his experiments, he housed his many treasures and artifacts in there while performing ancient magic on humans. His most powerful artifact, the source of all his power was the Arcbound Altar. This altar was able to enslave the minds of anyone Pythos chose; adding them to his never ending army. For years his power grew unmatched until he suddenly vanished. He had been recalled to fight in the war against the Titans with the other Hellions. Over the course of many centuries his many artifacts had been destroyed, including the Arcbound Altar, creating a power spike that freed everyone under its influence. However, the magic held within the artifact was released at its destruction and the power infused itself into Dreadhallow.

Uzuthar began to work furiously with his studies on Dreadhallow. Now that he had accidently unchambered the entrance, the old artifact’s power may start enslaving people again. He notified the rest of the mages he grew up with and they all began working with him towards a solution. What they discovered was not pleasing. Multiple reports of insane warriors attacking caravans and travelers came forward. This was not unusual as many brigands infested the woods around Arindale. More warriors were being hired by caravan owners to protect them. Many weeks went by and the attacks continued, growing with intensity. The Lord of Arindale, Jamison Gedeon called for the militia to gather at the gates. It was time to take the fight past the walls.

Lord Gedeon led the charge, knowing where their main encampment was. Hundreds of soldiers marched behind him, shields ready for any strike. A small group of mages accompanied the group as well, including Arbus and Uzuthar. As they approached the camp, they felt the earth shake as thousands of footsteps began moving towards them. They jumped from the trees, charging out of the brush. Men, women, and even children, skin as white as snow, eyes bloodshot, launched themselves at the armor column wielding a variety of weapons ranging from small knives to large broadswords. Mythril met steel as the battle escalated.

Swords flashed, cutting down the first line of attackers. Shields raised once more to block incoming blows. Spears hissed through the air, impaling even more foes. The shield wall held strong, cutting down hundreds of the creatures with few army casualties. Although they fought gallantly, they were still outnumbered ten to one. Soldiers began to feel exhaustion, their blows not hitting as hard, and their shields not raising in time for protection. Their forces began to drop more quickly now. Then, they were completely surrounded. Lord Gedeon ordered his men to continue fighting until their reinforcements arrived. The Chief Commander of Khazad had promised to help in this assault with his cavalry. Hours passed as more and more bodies hit the ground from both sides.

Arbus and Uzuthar stood side by side at the front of the shield wall, launching fire and lightning at anyone who drew near to them. They had wiped out hundreds of attackers with their spells. The other mages had already used all of their mana and were forced to retreat into the inner circle to regain their strength. The battle raged on all whilst the defenders began losing their hope. The enemy seemed to spawn endlessly. The sound of hooves hitting the rocks grew louder than the clash of steel. Their reinforcements had finally arrived! The enemy began to retreat as the cavalry drew closer. The cavalry appeared to swarm over the hillside, charging straight for the front lines. Unfortunately it appeared as though they were not attacking the enemy, they were instead coming straight for the remnants of the armor column. As they got closer, Uzuthar began to understand why. Their skin appeared a nasty, pasty white, and their pupils had disappeared from their eyes. They had been corrupted as well.

The cavalry crashed into Lord Gedeon’s men, demolishing their shield walls with ease.Their forces were being chopped down like a butcher chops his meat in the shop. Men died left and right, leaving nothing but blood in their wake. A javelin was thrown from the front lines, hitting Lord Gedeon in the chest, he staggered. The horseman came charging at him faster now. He continued blocking with his sword and shield, eventually cutting down the rider. He fell to his knees with the javelin still in his chest and looked at the foreground of battle. His men were nearly all defeated, while the rest were being cut down. He had lost the battle and failed his people. A nearby rider came forward and decapitated him, ending his legacy on the spot, leaving his lifeless corpse to join his dwindling men. The small group of defenders fought well with all they had, only having a few soldiers, Uzuthar, and Arbus left. The few remaining soldiers were quickly killed, leading Arbus to turn to Uzuthar.

“Lead them, protect the people, or we are all are lost,” he bellowed.

Arbus’s hands started glowing and he placed them on Uzuthar’s shoulders. He felt a surge of power and what felt like his soul being ripped from his body. Arbus turned back towards the enemy and ignited himself, and the entire forest. He consumed his own life essence and launched fire in every direction.

Uzuthar appeared in the middle of Arindale suddenly. A group of citizens were startled and dropped their handbaskets. They had lost and everyone understood. They lost their king and their head of the mage’s guild, as well as their entire militia. Uzuthar was the sole survivor. The citizens soon elected him as the Lord of Arindale, along with the head of the mage’s guild. A position to replace both of those that were lost in the epic battle. He quickly got to work on fortifications and gathering what little resources they had left. He didn’t know when the next attack would occur, but he knew they had to be ready for when the enemy returned. After the battle and seeing what had happened to the poor people under the influence of Dreadhallow, the ghosts of their former selves, Uzuthar decided to call them the Shades.

A few small attacks barraged Arindale, but nothing they could not handle. Uzuthar went back to his studies of Dreadhallow, more certain this time that the artifact was at work. It was corrupting people, but nobody in the city had ever been corrupted. He wondered why that was the case, but then it hit him. In the legends surrounding the creation of the artifact. One of its few fatal flaws was the range of the device. It could corrupt people miles away, yet anything within close proximity would not be affected. Back when Pythos still ruled, this was not an issue because his armies surrounded it. Anything that even came close was corrupted before they even had a chance to battle. Thus Arindale was safe for now. However, the rest of the world was at Dreadhallow’s mercy. He studied his scrolls for a while longer. Suddenly his window shattered and a gust of wind rushed through, scattering all of his books and papers.

Uzuthar walked outside and looked into the sky, which radiated green with energy. He could not fathom what was going on. Multiple people were screaming, most of which were claiming that it came from the Dreadhallow. A power spike from the dungeon could only mean one thing, an entire other nation had probably just been corrupted. He sent out a few Wraiths to check the surrounding lands for any signs of the Shades.

Later in the night, the Wraiths returned, this time bringing more people into the city with them. These people were not Shades though. Uzuthar walked up to the nearest Wraith and asked him who the newcomers were. They were found on the roads, unsure of how they had gotten there. They still had a few memories of what had happened, but most of the memories were of pure hatred for The Cleansed. What really mattered were that they were free from the grips of Dreadhallow and safe inside the city walls. The Cleansed was a term Uzuthar had not heard before. He asked a few of the newer citizens about it and they all said the people of Arindale were given the title, The Cleansed, also known as the ones not affected by the artifact. With this knowledge, Uzuthar created a new group of mages under his command, titled the Soul-Binders. These men were to search the land after every power spike and bring as many former Shades to the city as they could.

Years went by with Arindale continually expanding. The city had become like an iron fortress; walls, farms, and many soldiers ready to fight for their homeland. The soldiers were given the title Legionnaires. They were found in the outside world and trained in the same style of combat as their commander. The Shades had been growing stronger as well. Larger attack forces, scouts, and even mutations of those in their ranks. People who were not able to be restored, mutated to such a degree by the artifact that some grew more limbs, and others grew in size. They seemed to lead the other Shades into battle, like commanders.

Uzuthar spent most of these years studying further. He was trying to find a way to create a barrier to keep the Shades out, so that the citizens of Arindale may live in harmony once more. Eventually, one of his Wraiths came back from Dreadhallow with a scroll he had found in a trap filled room. The room had killed the three other Wraiths under his command. Uzuthar studied the scroll after thanking the Wraith for his loyalty to the cause. It was in a language he could barely understand. This ancient language was one of the tongues Hellions were known to use. He spent weeks translating the entirety of the scroll. After finishing, he had discovered that it had something to do with an ancient creation spell describing a powerful barrier. He was nearing completion of said spell when a massive explosion erupted at the city walls.

A Legionnaire entered the room, claiming that the city was under attack. Thousands of Shades started running towards the newly opened cavity in the wall. The Shades had catapults at the front of their ranks. The first barrage of arrows flew from the Wraiths’ bows, decimating the Shades underneath. The Wraiths set out, stealthed, and weaving between the oncoming attackers, stabbing them before they even knew what hit them. The Soul-Binders launched spells from the walls, most trying to deflect the catapults and protect their allies. Another impact shook the ground as another crater in the wall opened up. Uzuthar ordered a group of Wraiths to sneak past the attackers and disarm the catapults. They set off to do his bidding.

The battle raged on, with a few more parts of the walls being destroyed. The catapults were still sieging the city. The Wraiths had not yet returned. A shimmer of light caught Uzuthar’s eye. He threw up his hands as a dagger slashed his face, mangling his left eye. He quickly incinerated the man. The man appeared to be one of his Wraiths sent out for the catapults. As usual with Shades, skin white, quickly turning black as his body burned. Uzuthar scanned the battlefield as another impact shook what remained of the walls. Shades making it over the walls as the defenders scattered. He took the scroll out of his pocket, not fully deciphered, but still usable with his vast knowledge of magic. Archmage Uzuthar gazed deeply into the fire of the burning the Wraith with his final remaining eye. He pondered for a long time, planning his next move. The Cleansed were growing weaker with the many waves of Shade assaults. An ember leapt out of the flames and landed near his boots. Interrupting his concentration, Uzuthar quickly brushed off his cloak. Although he did not like the outcome, he knew this could only end one way.

Uzuthar called his personal bodyguards to protect him with their lives. He began reciting the spell imprinted on the scroll before him. He felt his body begin to release vast quantities of energy. He knew this sacrifice was necessary though. Melting from the inside, he finished casting the spell, and vanished from sight. His body turned to pure white light and flew to the edges of the city. An enormous wall of energy began forming a dome-like entity around the city. A boulder launched from the catapults, hit the wall, and disintegrated with a flash of light. The dome had finished generating. No Shade could enter the city. They quickly burned, attempting to breach the energy, but it was to no avail. The Cleansed quickly dismembered the remainder of the Shades within the city. The Shades tried for days to breach the energy, but eventually gave up, returning to wherever they had come from.

They were finally safe for the foreseeable future, but at an incredible cost. Now the only thing left to do was to explore the dungeon. If the artifacts and knowledge of the Hellions were within, there had to be a way of stopping the Shades and reverting them to their original selves. Arindale shifted its focus from fortifications to researching Dreadhallow. They searched it for answers to the Shade problem, under their new Archmage, Gordon Monlan. This is where your adventure begins wanderer. Found by the Soul-Binders and brought to the city after the most recent power spike. You must help your fellow citizens and help save the world of Odeny from Deathhallow.

Chapter I: Delving Dreadhallow

Garrin jolted awake by the sudden noise around him. His hands instinctively found his dagger, unsheathing it. If there was one thing Wraith training taught him, it was to always have your weapons ready no matter the situation. It must have been another power surge coming from Dreadhallow. The Soul-Binders would soon be setting out to wrangle up the newest batch of recruits. He should probably get out of bed and get something to eat if he wanted to welcome the newcomers properly.

Garrin strapped on his leather boots and went out the door into Arindale. He passed by a couple of houses and ended up in front of the tavern. After entering and ordering his food he sat down in the farthest corner of the room. Ever since he was able to drink he had been prone to getting into bar fights. He had made many enemies in his travels, eventually learning the far corner of the tavern was the best place to gauge new patrons at the tavern. Always best to spot the trouble before they spotted you. Garrin began shoveling food into his mouth.

As Garrin was inhaling his meal, the door opened and Garrin immediately swallowed his unchewed food, choking on it. The most beautiful woman he had ever seen while he was sober strolled into the tavern. She was wearing the standard Soul-Binder cloak while being accompanied by a very well equipped man wearing Legionnaire armor. He figured it was just another pretty girl with man candy to the side. After Garrin had stopped his choking fit he calmly listened to the newcomers’ conversation with the bartender. Garrin observed them for a minute when all of a sudden the duo turned and looked directly at him. Oh no, this can’t possibly end well, he thought to himself.

Garrin started packing up his remaining breakfast in an attempt to leave before the trouble began. He grabbed the final piece of bread and stood up. He came face to face with the Soul-Binder. Damn, this really won’t end well; I probably won’t even be able to finish my breakfast. Can’t a man just eat his breakfast these days?

”Sit down for a moment, we only want to talk,” the woman stated.

Only wanting to talk usually meant one would only get your teeth kicked out, rather than attempted murder; so that was great news. A Soul-Binder and a Legionnaire would also never lay a hand on a Wraith. Risking the wrath of the Archmage was too great of a threat. So in theory I should be safe, he thought to himself as he sat back down at the table. They took the seats opposite of his.

”What can I do for you two pretty ladies today?” Garrin asked with a toothy grin. The Legionnaire was clearly irritated by his remark, but said nothing. So the Soul-Binder wore the pants in this relationship… that’s great.

”We are looking for a Wraith to join us on a very important mission given by the Archmage himself. Any ideas where we might find one of those?”

”I haven't the slightest idea m’lady, you may want to try the local church.”

”Alright, thank you for your time. If you end up finding someone who suits our needs, let them know they will be paid handsomely. This is for your troubles.” She laid out a generous amount of Odium for Garrin and stood up to leave.

Garrin’s eyes darted from the Odium and back to the Soul-Binder.

”Perhaps we got off on the wrong foot. The name’s Garrin,” he held out his hand to meet hers.

”Loretta, and this is Torben,” she gestured at the Legionnaire, but did not shake Garrin’s hand. “We need a Wraith to help us get through Dreadhallow. We are looking for a very powerful artifact that is important to the Archmage. There will be traps and I heard Wraiths were proficient in that sort of thing,” she oozed.

”We might be able to help each other then. However I do have a few conditions,” Garrin lowered his hand awkwardly, pulled out his custom dagger embellished with the Wraith Emblem on the pommel, and stabbed the table with it. “First, I do not -- scratch that, I will not take orders from Torben. Second, I get first pick of loot down there. Finally, when do we leave for paradise falls, m’lady?”

”Whenever you’re ready, Ghost Boy,” Torben mused.

”Let’s go then!” Garrin excitedly walked out of the tavern, completely forgetting about the rest of his breakfast. Loretta and Torben followed close behind, giving each other a look of disgust.

The group traveled across town to the entrance of Dreadhallow. They nodded at the guards as they made their way past. Dreadhallow was a lot more intimidating than he had originally thought. Garrin never really bothered to check it out until this moment. Large stone stairs led into torchlit darkness. Voices gently caressing the ears of those who drew nearer. Good thing he bought extra gear on his way here. He lit his torch and led the way into the depths below.

They rounded the first corner and were immediately met with a large room blanketed in an unhealthy dose of darkness. Distant scampering alerted them of some sort of creature on the far side of the room.

”This way, I hope,” Garrin muttered to himself reassuringly. He began carefully walking along the edge of the room. The floor was made of a smooth, grey stone. Very little dust littered these stones. This part of the dungeon was likely heavily explored already, but no one bothered to kill the rodents apparently. Well, hopefully they were rodents. A loud ribbit interrupted his thoughts as a large toad became illuminated by his torch.

“It’s just a toad?” inquired Loretta. “Keep movin-” she stopped herself as she witnessed Garrin as he instinctively unsheathed his dagger to impale the toad without any kind of hesitation.

”It’s Dreadhallow, you really think anything in here is friendly? Especially toads, toads are always corrupted. Hell, it was probably poisonous,” Garrin justified. He placed his dagger back in his belt and held the torch aloft. Continuing along the wall, making an effort to not get toad on his boots.

After a few minutes they encountered a room with a locked door. Garrin handed the torch to Torben while he fished his lockpicks out of his many bags. He went to go work on the door. In less than thirty seconds an audible click echoed throughout the room. Garrin had unlocked and opened the door. He then immediately closed the door and motioned for everyone to stay silent. He proceeded to open the door again. A small river of sewage water flowed down the hallway, but then Garrin swiftly pointed towards the ceiling. Several bats hung from the ceiling, asleep. This was going to be difficult one to sneak past with The Compensator accompanying his possy.

Garrin motioned for everyone to stay silent and keep moving alongside the water. Every step uttered a loud clunk that echoed off of the walls when Torben’s armor plates scraped together. They made it halfway across the tunnel, slowly nearing the exit. A loose stone moved underneath Garrin’s feet causing him to lose his footing and fall into the shallow water. Their light was extinguished as Garrin thrashed to get out of the water. A dozen eyes met his gaze when he checked to see if the bats were still sleeping.

”Think they’ll notice?

Garrin whispered.

The bats screeched and flew from the ceiling directly towards the group. Torben unsheathed his sword, cut the first bat down with a single swing. He raised his shield to block the incoming claws of another one, quickly cutting it down as well. Garrin unslung his bow, nocked an arrow, and shot at the first pair of glowing red eyes he saw. He heard a sickening thud as the body fell from the air. He nocked his next arrow, but the next bat was already upon him. He dropped his bow, pulled out his knife, and cut it’s wings off, following it up with a quick jab into it’s chest cavity. Loretta ignited her hands, illuminating the tunnel and the bats. The bats shrieked from the sudden light, but did not stop harassing the group. She launched a fireball at one that was hovering in the air in front of them waiting to strike. The creature was instantly turned to ash. She spread her fingers, felt the crackling of power between them, and launched a lightning arc into the air. The arc hit another bat, bounced to another, and quickly to the rest, killing the remaining bats with ease.

”Nice going Ghost Boy, aren’t you supposed to be the quiet one?” scolded Torben.

”My torch did little to light up the room, I could barely see where I was going!” Garrin exclaimed. “And besides, Little Miss Firehands over here neglected to tell us she could conjure fire out of thin air. Can you summon an orb of light above us, perhaps to follow us?”

”Of course, I just wanted to see how long it would take for you to ask. If only you could ask politely,” she laughed. Loretta conjured a bright orb of light, illuminating the entire tunnel in white.

The trio continued towards the end of the tunnel with little difficulty. At the far end of the wall was a dead end with a wooden chest. Garrin got out his lockpicks and went to work. The chest unlocked and he opened it. All that was inside was a rusty dagger. Cobwebs and dust surrounded the blade, showing its age.

”There’s your loot Garrin, you get first pick remember?” Loretta said with a large grin on her face. Torben chuckled as Garrin closed the chest with a disheartened sigh.

”That’s not even worth looting. It would probably turn to dust the second I grabbed it.” Garrin looked around dejectedly. “I’m sure there will be other things to uncover down here. After all, it is the famous Dreadhallow.”

They retraced their steps back through the tunnel. They reached the door and discovered it was locked once more.

”What the devil, did somebody try to lock us in here?” Garrin unlocked the door and opened it a crack. He peered into the room and saw no one. “That’s odd, let’s keep going.”

They entered the room once more and the light orb allowed them to see more clearly. The room was similar to the tunnel with a large sewage river flowing down the center of it. Small stone pathways and a tiny bridge showed the easiest way to traverse the room. However, along the pathway were scattered toads milling around the sewage, minding their own business. Garrin immediately nocked an arrow and let it fly. The arrow nailed the closest toad to the wall. He nocked the next arrow, but a hand prevented him from firing.

”There’s no need Garrin, they are harmless.” Loretta lulled. She forced Garrin to lower his bow. He was clearly frustrated, but seemingly willing to concede. “Let’s go around them.”

Torben led the way around the room. They weaved around the toads making sure that Garrin did not skewer them. They got to the tiny bridge that connected the two halves of the room. A large splash halted their progress as a giant toad appeared from under the bridge and jumped on to the top of the bridge. It’s tongue shot out of it’s mouth and hit Torben in the chest, smashing him into the ground. The other toads in the room began jumping towards them with purpose.

”I told you they were all corrupted,” Garrin muttered as he pulled out his dagger. He threw it end over end and sliced the giant toad’s tongue in half. He unslung his bow and dropped the closest toad with an arrow to the head. Torben stood up, unsheathed his sword, and lunged at the giant toad, slicing it’s chest.

”Ribbit,” croaked the toad, unfazed by being sliced. It leapt towards Torben again. The toad knocked the Legionnaire over once more, harder this time. Loretta evoked a stone spear and launched it at the toad, impaling it. The toad staggered, but it was still very much alive. Torben reached to his belt and pulled out his small battleaxe. He jumped to his feet and charged the toad, infuriated, and with a slightly lesser ego. He sunk his axe into the toad’s head and it crumpled at his feet.

”The bastard hit harder than a Shade!” Torben exclaimed. He looked over and saw Garrin with an empty quiver. Knowing what had happened, he glanced around the room. Every toad they had passed in the room had at least one arrow sticking out of their body.

”Don’t worry guys, I took care of the rest of them,” snorted Garrin.

Loretta gazed around the dungeon. ”They didn’t even attack us Garin! They simply looked at the source of the noise.”

”One of those blasted things moved towards me, that I can promise you,” Garrin protested, “but let’s forget it and continue moving.”

They reached the far end of the room and were met with another door. This one was unlocked already. Garrin slowly pushed the door open, but halted when he heard a lot of movement.

”HELP, I need help!” a man inside the room yelled when he saw the light. A man with many bags on his shoulders was standing on top of a broken pillar surrounded by a small group of rats.

Loretta summoned a series of stones and launched them at the rats. A few of the stones connected with the rats’ skulls and defeated them. The other rats scampered to whichever corners of the dungeons they came from.

”Thank you so much for your help! Those blasted rodents smell the food I had in my bags and they just overwhelmed me.” The man hopped off the pillar and brushed off his pants. “My name is Oxton, I am a traveling merchant. Can I interest you in any of my wares?” He dropped a few bags while trying to unroll a bundle of his finest goods.

”Why are you in Dreadhallow? This is a dangerous place, not very fit for a merchant,” Loretta explained.

”That’s where you’re wrong fair lady. When adventurers come through here they leave behind many interesting things!” Oxton asserted, still fumbling with his bags and bundles.

Garrin was scanning the items the man had for sale when something caught his eye. A dagger, with the same emblem as his own. He picked it up and pointed it at Oxton.

”I highly doubt you are a Wraith of Arindale, merchant. Where did you acquire this dagger?” Garrin asked threateningly.

Oxton started fidgeting and looking very nervous. “That old thing? I uh, that I found much deeper in the dungeon. It was just lying on the ground and I wanted to grab it and return it to the Wraiths, of course!”

”A Wraith that loses his weapon is no longer a Wraith, or perished. Which is it merchant?” spouted Garrin, moving closer to the merchant, hand on his own dagger.

”He’s dead...oh god he’s dead. I found his body a level below us... I swear I didn’t know what else to do,” Oxton began to sob, begging for mercy.

”Damnit… and Dreadhallow takes another victim. If I find out you are lying though, I will personally skin you alive with this knife.” Garrin secured the dagger in his belt. “I don’t think you will be needing this.”

”Noted, and it’s all yours. Is there anything else I can provide for you?” Oxton stammered.

”I do need some arrows. I presume you have some if you found a dead Wraith?” Garrin questioned.

”Right you are, here’s what I have! A dozen standard Wraith arrows and a few miscellaneous others. All I ask for in return is a bit of Odium for the troubles.”

”I’ll take them, thank you merchant. Loretta, you heard the man! Give him some Odium for his oh so difficult work and tremendous troubles of stealing from a dead man.” Garrin mocked, as he refilled his quiver.

”Do you not have any Odium?” she asked. Her face was bright red with anger.

”Some, but I did warn everyone about the toads, and you sure didn’t believe me. Which is the underlying cost that used all of my arrows. This of course makes it your purchase to deal with.” Garrin declared.

”You are born of the Hellions,” she muttered as she handed Oxford a small amount of Odium.

The group and the merchant parted ways as they continued through the dungeon. After traversing the rest of the room they hit another room. This one much smaller than the others. The only thing in the room being a staircase leading further into Dreadhallow.

”You guys ready?” asked Garrin. They nodded and off they went, further into the dark dungeon.

This is where your true adventure starts. The Soul-Binders saved you to contribute to a greater Arindale along with the greater good of humankind. The Archmage wishes you the best in finding the artifact.

Characters & Terminology

The Cleansing

The Cleansing is the time period in which the events of the prologue are occurring. The name originated from the battles with the Shades against the Cleansed.

The Cleansed

The Cleansed is a term the Shades use for the people of Arinsdale. It means the citizens are immune to the effects of Dreadhallow as long as they reside within the city. Essentially as long as you are not a Shade you are with The Cleansed. There have been multiple leaders of this group over the course of the events; Jamison Gedeon, Uzuthar and Gordon Monlan.


Shades are a term used by The Cleansed for any person who is affected by Dreadhallow. They typically have pasty white skin and bloodshot eyes. They are extremely barbaric and will stop at nothing to kill The Cleansed. In some extreme cases, a commander for the Shades will appear. Mutated, stronger, and smarter. These “commanders” lead the other Shades into more organized assaults.


Legionnaires are one of the three playable classes in Odeny Online. They are part of Arindale’s city guard as well as a great attacking force. Legionnaires utilize close range attacks and a large health pool. They are able to take more hits than most people due to the thick armor they wear. In order to become a Legionnaire you must prove your worth on the battleground. Stand shoulder to shoulder with your fellow Legionnaires against the oncoming hordes. Legionnaires train day and night to not only boost their strength but their endurance as well. If a person can’t handle the physical aspects of the training they were removed from the ranks. They are often found patrolling the city, making sure no Shades somehow infiltrate the city. In the lore of Odeny Online, Legionnaires were featured as the warriors protectin Arindale during many Shade attacks as well as a select few being a part of Uzuthar’s personal guard. They held a tight shield wall, defending the breaches in the walls during the siege.


Wraiths are one of the three playable classes in Odeny Online. They utilize archey and rogue-like abilities to defeat the many enemies of Dreadhallow. In order for a newcomer to become a Wraith they must pass all of the trails of their masters by completing near impossible tasks that take skill and stealth to complete. Once they are initiated they began their rigorous skill training. Once a Wraith has proven his worth, he is to obey the commands of their masters and of the Lord of Arindale. They are often used in tasks such as eliminating key targets and disabling enemy equipment. In the lore of Odeny Online, Wraiths were featured as fast, extremely skilled rogues working for Arindale.They assisted in multiple battles against the Shades. Wraiths were portrayed weaving in and out of combat stabbing and slashing their foes. They were also seen on top of the walls of Arindale, firing arrows at oncoming attackers. One of the most notable moments was when the group of Wraiths set out on a quest given by Uzuthar to destroy the enemy catapults sieging the city. The one that returned was corrupted and attacked Uzuthar. The man quickly died after slashing Uzuthar’s eye with his dagger.


Soul-Binders are one of the three playable classes in Odeny Online. They utilize magic and knowledge in order to adapt their play style into whatever needs arise within Dreadhallow. Their abilities range anywhere from offensive magic, to defensive and even support magic. In order to become a Soul-Binder a person must graduate from the mage guild and defeat their opponents in the sparring arena. Only the top mages are allowed to become Soul-Binder. This is due to the fact that Soul-Binders are responsible for venturing out of the city after the power spikes of Dreadhallow to find new people to bring into Arindale. If you do not have enough willpower you will slowly be corrupted and become a Shade, only the strongest Soul-Binders are allowed to stay out of the city for extended periods of time. In the lore of Odeny Online, Soul-Binders played a key role in bringing Arindale into what it is today, a flourishing city full of potential. They were tasked with bringing former Shades into the city so they were not slowly reclaimed by Dreadhallow. They were featured on the tops of the walls launching offensive spells at the Shades as well as attempting to deflect boulders launched by the catapults during the siege.


The city of Arindale was founded by Jamison Gedeon. The city flourished under his control. However, being built on top of Dreadhallow, eventually problems arose. Dreadhallow was revealed in a rather intense sparring match and the power within began corrupting the minds of everyone outside of Arinsdale, creating the Shades. Many sieges occurred at Arindale, the city coming out on top. Over the years they had a few different leaders, ranging from Jamison Gedeon, Uzuthar, and Gordon Monlan.


Dreadhallow was created by the Hellion Pythos. His enslaved humans built this underground dungeon in order to house the artifacts of their master. One of these artifacts was the Arcbound Altar, able to infest the minds of Pythos’ enemies. When the artifact was destroyed after Pythos was recalled, the energies inside infused with Dreadhallow, making the dungeon the entire artifact. Now Dreadhallow is the home of many treasures that adventurers hope to uncover on their travels.


The Hellions are ancient lifeforms with incredible powers. They used their powers to enslave humanity and force them to create the wonders of Odeny. Long ago they were locked in a war with the Titans, forcing them to withdraw from Odeny. The only known Hellion is Pythos, the Hellion who forged Dreadhallow and all the artifacts within, including the Arcbound Altar.

Arcbound Altar

An ancient artifact created by Pythos that is capable of corrupting the minds of anyone and forcing them to his will. The Arcbound Altar was destroyed long after Pythos was recalled to battle the Titans resulting in everyone under it’s influence to be freed. The energies within the artifact were transferred after its destruction into the dungeon Dreadhallow.


The Titans are a fabled group of extremely powerful entities. The reach of their power knows no bounds. The only force to challenge them in the past century has been the Hellions. Nobody in Odeny knows what happened during the war or who won.


Odeny is the name of the world the game takes place within. It is a land plagued by the remnants of the Hellions.


Uzuthar was born and raised in Arindale. His mother and sister perished in a tragic house fire caused by the man named Pyre who he later killed. After losing his home, Uzuthar was brought to train in the magical arts. His mentor Arbus taught him everything he knew. He passed all of his peers in training and launched right into sparring where he killed his final opponent with a spear of power. This spear also cracked open the ground and revealed Dreadhallow, creating many issues in the city. He spent a long while studying Dreadhallow, learning its secrets. Shade attacks became very frequent and Uzuthar joined an attack force to march on the enemy encampment. He was the sole survivor. His mentor Arbus died teleporting him back to Arindale where he was elected to become Archmage. He fortified the city for a period of time. The Shades laid siege to his city with catapults and he sacrificed himself to generate an energy city surrounding the city.


Arbus was an extremely powerful wizard. He was one of the few mages in the realm that knew a teleportation spell. He was the head of the mage’s guild. Mentoring newer spellcasters. One of his students, Uzuthar surpassed all his others. Together him and Uzuthar marched with Lord Gedeon in an attack on the Shades. Their forces were overwhelmed and Arbus used his teleportation spell in order to save Uzuthar. He then used the remainder of his life force to create a fire blast that incinerated everything around him. Not much is known about Arbus’ past. He appeared at the gates of Arindale, alone, when he was six years old. Lord Gedeon took him in and raised him as his own. Seeing his magical potential Gedeon hired multiple mages to teach Arbus and train him to wield magic. Arbus excelled at it and soon became head of the mage’s guild.


Pyre was the deranged warlock that burned Uzuthar’s home to the ground. In the process of doing so he murdered Uzuthar’s mother and sister. Later in the prologue, Uzuthar and Pyre spar; Uzuthar coming out on top in the end.


An ancient Hellion birthed from the soils of Odeny. Pythos wielded great power that he used to enslave humans to create his masterpieces. His most renowned deed was creating Dreadhallow, also known as his personal vault. His most prized artifact was the Arcbound Altar which was the source of a large quantity of his power. He left Odeny and fought in the war against the Titans and nobody currently knows his whereabouts.

Jamison Gedeon

One of the original founders of Arindale. He helped form the city into a functioning part of Odeny. He led multiple assaults on Pythos final followers. One of these assaults he was accompanied by the Chief Commander of Khazad. Together they vanquished their enemies and created a lasting alliance. Jamison Gedeon also led the assault into the Shade encampment hoping the Chief would assist him in battle once more. The Chief and the Khazad tribe had unfortunately been corrupted and were the ultimate demise of Jamison Gedeon. He was decapitated on the battlefield.

Chief Commander of Khazad

The Chief Commander of Khazad is a powerful nomadic warlord that wanders Odeny. He is on good terms with Jamison Gedeon after they defeated an encampment of Pythos’ followers wanting to bring the Hellion back into the world. After Dreadhallow was opened up again, Jamison sent messengers asking for The Khazad’s assistance in dealing with the Shades. The warlord accepted and led his army into battle. Unfortunately his entire clan was infected by Dreadhallow and were changed into Shades. This was the ultimate demise of Jamison Gedeon.

Gordon Monlan

Gordon Monlon is the current Archmage of Arindale. He took Uzuthar’s place after the siege. Gordon is an extremely strong mage that is especially proficient in earthen magic. He strongly believes the best offense is a good defense. Gordon doesn’t have much of a past, he grew up in Arindale where he was trained by Arbus. Eventually becoming the Archmage.


Garrin is one of the main characters in Chapter 1: Delving Dreadhallow. The majority of the chapter is centered on his point of view. He is a member of the Wraiths and wields the custom Wraith dagger as well as a bow. He joined with a Soul-Binder and a Legionnaire at the tavern and together they began a search to find an artifact for the Archmage. He’s not the best Wraith but he can get the job done. He also has an odd hatred for toads.


Loretta is an extremely attractive woman (from the eyes of Garrin) and she is one of the main characters in Chapter 1: Delving Dreadhallow. She is a senior Soul-Binder and wears the cloak to prove her power. As part of the Soul-Binders she is appointed one Legionnaire to help protect her. Her guard is Torben. Together they are on a quest to find an ancient artifact for Gordon Monlan, their Archmage. They found Garrin holed up in the local tavern and recruited him to help. She is the voice of reason in the group and loves to put Garrin in his place.


One of the three main characters of Chapter 1: Delving Dreadhallow. Torben is a senior Legionnaire, having survived multiple Shade assaults. He was chosen to guard Loretta with his life and he takes his job very seriously. He wears a full set of armor as well as the standard sword and shield of the Legionnaires. He is a very blunt man that does not enjoy tricks and games, making his relationship with Garrin a very interesting one.


Oxton is a traveling merchant that lives in Arindale. He travels deep into the dungeon in an attempt to find treasures that he can sell to adventurers on his travels.


Ramsey is an ordinary citizen living in Arinsdale. He is a reference to Gordon Ramsey when he says “Where’s the lamb sauce?” This is an inside joke among developers when they created the new Archmage by the name of Gordon Monlan.


Arby is an ordinary citizen living within Arinsdale. He is Arbus’ brother. However, this character’s sole purpose is a reference to the fast food Arbys which is a favorite among the developers.

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