Installing Odeny Online

Unless you have viewed our Cross-Platform Support forum, you must use Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 to play Odeny Online. You may use Vista, XP, and lower with the correct compatibility options found in our Cross-Platform Support forum.

First, you must Download the base Odeny Online Game Files.

Second, you must unzip these files. In Windows 7 onwards it is supported by the operating system. Simply right-click the .zip file and select Extract Files and continue through the steps. If this does not work for you, try 7-zip, which is a free tool to extract .zip files.

Third, you must open the Odeny Online folder, right-click on the Install Odeny Online batch (.bat) file and Run As Administrator. This is to ensure the registry files required to run the game install properly.

If you do not Run The Installer As An Administrator the game may not run properly, if at all.

Finally, you have finished installing Odeny Online! Not too bad, eh? Now you can open the Odeny Launcher, wait for any potential updates, and then start up the game!

If you get an error regarding Dot Net FX 3.5, you will have to install the following file from this official Microsoft Link:

Dot Net FX 3.5 Download

If you're still having troubles, please open your Control Panel, then Turn Windows Features On Or Off and enable Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.1.

Please Note: If your antivirus blocks us you must disable it, add an exception for our game, or ignore the software.

Odeny Online Controls

Use the Arrow Keys or W, A, D, S Keys to move your character.
Yes, we are aware WADS controls still function when using the chat system.
This is a known bug and will be fixed.

Use the Control Key to attack Monsters, interact with NPCs, or enter/exit dungeons/buildings.

Use the Space Bar to pickup loot.

Use the Left Mouse Button to interact with the Game Interface and target Monsters.

Use the Enter Key to use the chat interface and subsequently send messages after typing them out.

To Mute or Unmute the game Music or Sound, Left-Click the Gear Icon in the bottom-right of the game interface while playing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why can’t I join the game? (or any variance of this)

A: Thank you for contacting the Odeny Online Support Team. This may be a problem on either our own end, or your own end. If this is a problem on our end, it will be reported on the forum -- if this appears to state that our server status is online, then it may potentially be on your end, or a firewall block. If you do not apply to either of the circumstances, you may have a problem on your end. Please attempt to close and reopen the application along with your system. If this does not help, please redownload the game. If the problem persists, please check your Windows Firewall settings, Windows Network Adapter settings, and any possible VPN settings. If none of these methods help, you may also proceed to try unplugging and plugging your ethernet cable back in at both ends, or disconnecting and reconnecting to a wireless network. If the problem on your end persists, you could attempt a reset on your router/modem/etc., or check your router/modem/etc. settings. To do so, please check your manual for instructions, or contact the manufacturer of the device. When all of these methods fail, you could even go as far as to check with your ISP (internet service provider) to see if they have any issues on their end, or are selectively blocking/throttling our services.

Q: Why was I banned?

A: Being banned from Odeny Online can be attributed to a breach of our terms of use, or a breach of our in-game rules. These can be found on our website. If you feel that you can correct the behavior, or have been wrongly banned, you may create an appeal in the correct board located on the forum.

Q: What should I do if I find something that seems like a bug?

A: If you happen to find a problem with one of our systems, you are able to report it in the correct board on our forum for it. Please include as much information as possible, and feel free to add screenshots of the problem, as well. We will attempt to resolve the issue as fast as possible and give you a special thanks for reporting rather than abusing the issue.

Q: What do I do if I find a hacker, or someone I believe is cheating?

A: If you believe someone is hacking, or gaining an unfair advantage in the game, you may report this to us on the forum -- please message a staff member with enough evidence to support your claim.

Q: Can I be staff, or help develop the game?

A: We would first like to thank you for your support and willingness to use your own time to help us with this Odeny Online! We are looking for very specific people for these positions, which requires us to be picky in who we bring aboard. This does not mean you will never become part of our team, though. Just keep working at it, and let us see you helping out naturally, or adding elements to the project in great quantity and quality. Again, thank you for your interest, but we currently only invite members to join our staff and development team.

Q: How do I contact a team member directly?

A: Please ensure it is purely for them before contacting them directly. Any general suggestions, or general feedback can be presented for their eyes in the support board, without cluttering up their inboxes. If you still feel it is best sent to them, you can contact them through their respective forum accounts or email address.

Q: I haven’t received my purchases, what do I do?

A: As we are manually handing them out, we would first like to apologize for the inconvenience, and extend our thanks for your patience. These sorts of issues are very critical to us as a team. If you have not received your purchased goods, this can be resolved by messaging Malevolent on the forum. Once more, we are truly sorry that you have had to go through such a hassle to redeem your purchases.

Q: Why was my profile/character reset?

A: A character, or profile reset can be attributed to many factors. In development stages of the game, we may do resets if there is a massive rebalance, or reset in the game mechanics. This is to ensure the game is balanced and players remain balanced. However, a development reset is unlikely, as it would be a pain to perform. The most likely scenario is a reset due to suspected malicious activity, cheating, breaking the rules, or other such behaviors. We have a no tolerance rule for such behaviors, and any action taken against them will be final. In a rare case, this could be attributed to an actual game issue, which would be noted by the team, and investigated. We are sorry for any inconveniences regarding your account.

Odeny Online Rules

1. Please do not spam the chat with the intent to disrupt communication.

2. Do not intentionally put another player down.

3. Do not use the chat channels for illegal conduct, or blackhat manners. Keep it to the deepweb.

4. Please do not advertise third-party companies, websites, or services. Copyrighted material in user-created content without approval is also disallowed. We are not a public marketing company/product.

5. Personal information is not to be shared, unless it is by intent of the owner of such information.

6. Don't promote racial, ethnic, or national hatred. There’s really no need for it.

7. Do not insult someone based on religion, or sexuality.

8. Do not exploit bugs, abuse game mechanics, or cheat in any way. We strive to keep our game balanced, stable and free of these issues. Report them, and you may find an even greater reward.

Please note: these rules may be changed at any time without any warning. Please ensure you keep up to date with them.

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