Delving Dreadhallow

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Persistent Development

We hope to continue the gameplay of Odeny by updating the game as often as possible with new and exciting content.

Dungeon Progression

Using waypoints and other methods of travel, we hope to allow users to feel a sense of true dungeon progression as they dive deeper into more dangerous caverns.

Community Driven

We hope to have a fun community to play with and bounce ideas off of. Moderators will be standing by in an attempt to remove poisonous players from the game as well.


Odeny Online is a gothic 2D dungeon crawling ORPG (online role playing game) designed to bring this style of game back to the early 2000's. Many people have described our game like Pokemon meets early Runescape. Some think it has more Fate, or Titan Quest related origins.


Spooky Dungeons


Dangerous Foes


Epic Quests

Small Content And Mapping Update


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